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Our Advantages

Students 2 Masters Barber College is a facility dedicated to quality education for today's students who want to be professionals in Barbering. Modern equipment and methods are placed at your fingertips along with advanced techniques and audio-visual aids. Programs and facilities are continuously updated. Personal guidance and attention are given to every student by our qualified staff.

Students 2 Masters will work with you to ensure that you receive the comprehensive training that will prepare you for the State Board Examination. Our graduates will be in high demand! We will offer placement assistance.

Our Codes of Ethics

Students 2 Masters will adhere to and comply with the moral and ethical standards about recruitment, education, instruction and guidance of students passionate about the barbering profession. Students 2 Masters does not recruit students already attending or admitted to another school offering similar programs of study. We DO NOT seek to build at another school's demise. 

Educational Goals & Objectives

  • 2 PREPARE students with technical, academic, and relationship skills necessary for successful entry-level employment and licensure or certification in the field of barbering.

  • 2 BE A LIVE MODEL students will learn that you must be a professional wherever you are. People take note of your actions above what you say. 

  • 2 ACCOMPLISH short-term goals in a friendly learning environment that enhances the student's abilities to think above where they are present.

  • 2 ASSIST graduates in seeking and obtaining employment in their chosen field of expertise.

  • 2 RESPOND to the requests of the industry for specific training needs, and educational programs and to evaluate & revise these programs when appropriate.

Our Codes of Ethics

Students 2 Masters Barber College, LLC is a school specifically designed to mold students into master barbers. We will provide our students with all the necessary state board-required resources to pass the master barber examination.


The state of Tennessee Board of Barbers licenses students 2 Masters Barber College, LLC. The curriculum is designed to enhance our students learning in the following areas:

Classroom Setting – Students will learn the theory of barbering.
Practical Setting – Students will get hands-on experience with the public to develop hair-cutting, shaving, chemical, tool, marketing, and money management skills. 



The mission of Students 2 Masters Barber College is to be the best in providing educational knowledge towards practical & technical skills. Along with skills, we will provide services in a pleasant atmosphere and in a timely & professional manner. We will always strive to improve our skills and services to enable our students to qualify for the state barber exam and facilitate licensed graduates in obtaining employment in the barbering industry.

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